The High Chaparral
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The Cast of The High Chaparral

Mark Slade as Blue Cannon Linda Cristal as Victoria Montoya Cannon Leif Erickson as John Cannon Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon Henry Darrow as Manolito Montoya Rudolfo Acosta as Vaquero Bob Hoy as Joe Butler Roberto Contreras as Pedro Carr Ted Markland as Reno Don Collier as Sam Butler Jerry Summers as Ira Bean
Back:  Mark Slade as Blue Cannon, Linda Cristal as Victoria Montoya Cannon, Leif Erickson as John Cannon, Cameron Mitchell as Buck Cannon, Henry Darrow as Manolito Montoya
Front:  Rudolpho Acosta as Vaquero, Bob Hoy as Joe Butler, Roberto Contreras as Pedro Carr, Ted Markland as Reno, Don Collier as Sam Butler, and Jerry Summers as Ira Bean




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Don Collier
17 Oct 1928 - 13 Sep 2021

The last of the Bunk House Gang has ridden off into the sunset with the passing of Don Collier at the age of 92.

Don was born in California but lived much of his life in the Tucson area near the site where The High Chaparral and many other Westerns were filmed. The quintessential cowboy actor, he appeared in over 200 different television and movie productions including leading roles in 50 episodes of Outlaws and 63 episodes as Sam Butler on The High Chaparral.  Don performed with many other famous Western actors including John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Dean Martin, Tom Selleck, and James Arness.

Always popular with his many fans, Don regularly attended Chaparral Reunions and was a speaker at numerous Western film festivals. His acting career spanned more than 60 years and he was still active in the industry into his 90's. You can see his full bio and filmography on IMDB.

One of the most successful and highly acclaimed Westerns on
television was The High Chaparral, the name of the ranch owned by the Cannon family in the Arizona Territory during the 1870's.  Stubborn, determined, 50-year-old John Cannon is the patriarch of the family with ambitions to establish a cattle empire while finding a way to co-exist with the Apaches and the Mexicans just across the border.  To help him, he has his younger brother Buck, who can out-drink, out-shoot, out-fight, and when motivated, out-work any man alive.  He also has his son, Billy Blue, a young man in his early 20's, whose mother is killed in the first episode.  In an arranged marriage intended to keep peace with the neighbors, John then marries an aristocratic Mexican beauty, Victoria Montoya, daughter of Don Sebastian Montoya, a wealthy Sonoran rancher.  Her brother, Manolito, accompanies Victoria to the Cannon ranch as her guardian, staying on as a member of the household even after the arranged marriage turns to one of substance and trust.  

Created and produced by David Dortort, the genius behind Bonanza, the writing was superb with plenty of action and biting dialog.  The series strove for realism...the sweat, the dirt, the heat, the desert...even the Apaches who worked on the set as extras were real.  And it explored culture and class conflicts among white Americans, Mexicans, and various Indian tribes at a level not attempted before or since by a television Western. 
While it aired, The High Chaparral remained in the Top 20 of the AC Nielsen ratings.  It was Number One in Europe, and is still shown in syndication.  Inside you will find a growing archive of information about the show and other items of interest for Western fans to enjoy.

to some of our favorite cowpokes, lawmen, heroes, heroines, and villains who have taken that last ride across the Great Divide.  HC attracted many of the finest actors to participate in guest starring roles, which, large or small, all contributed to making the show as great as it was.  For more about any of them, check out their bios on


Kotto, Yaphet
1939 - 3/2021

The Buffalo Soldiers
       Sgt. Major Creason

Yaphet Kotto was born in New York of Cameroon royal ancestry. His film and television career spanned 50 years and included more than 100 credits. He was an imposing character in detective, sci-fi, and Western features. His character in "The Buffalo Soldiers" dominated that episode. His other Western appearances included Death Valley Days, The Big Valley, Five Card Stud, Bonanza, Daniel Boone, Gunsmoke, Man and Boy, and Desperado.


Sierra, Gregory
1937 - 1/2021

The Long Shadow


Gregory Sierra's career as a character actor covered nearly 50 years in more than 100 productions after first starting on stage with the National Shakespeare Company in New York. He had recurring roles on several television series including The Flying Nun, Sanford and Son, Barney Miller, A.E.S. Hudson Street, Soap, Hill Street Blues, Zorro and Son, Miami Vice, and Murder She Wrote. His Western credits included Alias Smith and Jones, Culpepper Cattle Company, The Castaway Cowboy, Gunsmoke, and Where the Hell's That Gold?


Yuro, Robert
1932 - 11/2020

A Joyful Noise
Bad Day for a Bad Man


Robert Yuro had 30 years of film credits in nearly fifty productions but he is also remembered for being one of the owners of Alice's Restaurant which was the inspiration for Arlo Guthrie's song. Besides many roles in detective shows, his Western film credits included Rawhide, 12 O'Clock High, The Legend of Jesse James, The Big Valley, Laredo, Iron Horse, The Ride to Hangman's Tree, The Virginian, Shakiest Gun in the West, Death Valley Days, and Bonanza.


Bail, Chuck
1935 - 11/2020

Shadow of the Wind
        Curly Bill Brosius

A Fella Named Kilroy
        Ben Burris


Chuck Bail had a film career that spanned nearly 40 years and included acting, stunt work, and directing in more than 90 productions. His other Western roles included The Roughriders, The Jayhawkers, Bat Masterson, The Texan, Wanted Dead or Alive, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, The Monroes, The Virginian, Laredo, Daniel Boone, Bonanza, and Gone with the West.


James, Anthony
1942 - 5/2020

The Filibusteros
        Harley Deever


Anthony James had a long film career playing a variety of very scary villains. The High Chaparral was one of his first of 75 roles in film and television. He played exceptional villains in High Plains Drifter, Unforgiven, and In the Heat of the Night, and even parodied himself in Naked Gun Two and a Half. Besides High Chaparral, his Western credits included Cimarron Strip, Sam Whiskey, The Big Valley, Gunsmoke, Bonanza, Culpepper Cattle Co., High Plains Drifter, Hearts of the West, Outlaws, and Unforgiven.


Gould, Graydon
1937 - 5/2020

Follow Your Heart
        Ed Lynch


Graydon Gould was a Canadian actor with a film career that spanned 50 years including the prime decades of Western production, yet the only other Western credit I can find for him is The Big Valley. He had over 50 film credits, mostly for detective, suspense, and sci-fi features.







Woodward, Morgan
1925 - 2/2019

The Journal of Death
        Tad Garnet

The Buffalo Soldiers
        McCoy Hilliard

The Badge

Morgan Woodward was a veteran character actor who appeared in many Westerns, usually playing villains and other shady sorts. He won the Golden Boot Award and was inducted into the Hall of Great Western Performers at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma. He was a pilot in World War II but studied music and drama in college, hoping to perform in operas and musicals with his commanding baritone. While he was recognized for his Western work, he was also well known for his roles in Cool Hand Luke and Star Trek, a recurring role in 55 episodes of Dallas and 20 episodes of Days of Our Lives. At least 128 productions covering more than forty years.

Morgan Woodward's Western roles, many with multiple episodes, included those in The Great Locomotive Chase, Zane Grey Theater, Westward Ho, the Wagons!, Gunsight Ridge, Cheyenne, Sugarfoot, Broken Arrow, Buckskin, Ride a Crooked Trail, Cimarron City, The Restless Gun, Frontier Doctor, The Texan, Bat Masterson, The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp (81 episodes), Tales of Wells Fargo, Have Gun - Will Travel, The Gun Hawk, Temple Houston, Rawhide, Wagon Train, The Big Valley, Daniel Boone, Branded, Gunpoint, Death Valley Days, Pistols 'n' Petticoats, Iron Horse, The Monroes, Hondo, Cimarron Strip, Firecreek, The Guns of Will Sonnett, Lancer, Death of a Gunfighter, The Virginian, Yuma, Bonanza, One Little Indian, Running Wild, Gunsmoke, The Oregon Trail, How the West Was Won, Young Maverick, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., and probably others I have missed.


Keen, Noah
1920 - 3/2019

Tiger by the Tail

Noah Keen was a character actor who appeared in Battle for the Planet of the Apes as well as multiple episodes of Six Million Dollar Man, Ironside, Charlie's Angels, and 17 episodes of Arrest and Trial. Altogether he appeared in almost 100 productions over forty years. His Western credits included Have Gun - Will Travel, Wide Country, Stoney Burke, A Man Called Shenandoah, A Big Hand for the Little Lady, Iron Horse, The Virginian, Bonanza, The Big Valley




Campos, Victor
1935 - 12/2018

A Time to Laugh, A Time to Cry
        Teniente Garcia

Victor Campos was born in New York of Spanish and Puerto Rican heritage. His role as Teniente, one of the bandits in this episode of THC, was only his second film appearance. From here he went on to perform in more than 70 television and film productions covering more than forty years. His other Western credits included Bonanza, Lancer, and The Master Gunfighter but most of his credits were in police and detective series such as Kojak, Streets of San Francisco, Mod Squad, Perry Mason, Cannon, Hill Street Blues, and many more.




Phillips, Robert
1925 - 11/2018

       Klosen, Apache loner

Robert Phillips was a pro football player for the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Bears despite being only 5'9" tall. He was also a Marine Corps swimming and self-defense instructor and served as a bodyguard for Governor Adlai Stevenson. Once he started in television and film he was in demand for more than thirty years as a character actor in more than 80 productions including The Dirty Dozen, Batman, Star Trek, and Mission Impossible. His Western credits included Cat Ballou, The Loner, Rawhide, Laredo, Bonanza, Hour of the Gun, Cimarron Strip, The Wild Wild West, Mackenna's Gold, The Outcasts, Yuma, Dusty's Trail, The Quest, and How the West was Won.

Moffat, Donald
1930 - 2018

The Lieutenant
     Henry Simmons

Donald Moffat was born in England and was a prolific stage and screen actor, appearing in over 120 productions over a span of nearly fifty years. He was a renowned Shakespearian actor on stage and a great character actor on television and movies. He gave a standout performance as Henry Simmons in his role on The High Chaparral episode, The Lieutenant.  His other Western credits include: Lancer, Here Come the Brides, Bonanza, The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid, Showdown, Gunsmoke, Little House on the Prairie, The Chisholms, Houston: The Legend of Texas, Desperado, and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.





Reese, Tom
1928 - 12/2017


Tom Reese was born Tom Allen but by 1960 was using his screen name which carried him through more than 45 years of television and movie productions. Some of his movie credits included Vanishing Point, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and 40 Pounds of Trouble. He had a starring role in Ellery Queen as Sgt. Thomas Velie. He appeared in numerous police, and spy series on television, often playing detectives or police officers. His other Western credits included:  The Man from Blackhawk, Law of the Plainsman, Have Gun - Will Travel, Death Valley Days, Outlaws, The Great Adventure, Destry, Blood on the Arrow, The Virginian, The Wild Wild West, Rawhide, Laredo, Branded, Bonanza, Iron Horse, The Guns of Will Sonnett, Cimarron Strip, Support Your Local Sheriff, Gunsmoke, and Guns of Paradise.



Menzies, Heather
1949 - 12/2017

The Little Thieves  
        Bet Roberts


Heather Menzies-Urich was best known for her role as Louisa in The Sound of Music. In The High Chaparral she teamed up with Jo Ann Harris to play two memorable teenage horse thieves. She appeared in many TV series in the 1970's and 1980's, including a significant recurrent role as Jessica in Logan's Run. Other Western appearances included Bonanza and Alias Smith and Jones. She was married to Robert Urich, star of Spenser: For Hire and Lonesome Dove.



Tyner, Charles
1925 - 11/2017

No Irish Need Apply
        Cass Gregg


Charles TynerLike his role on The High Chaparral, Charles Tyner excelled in playing cold-hearted supervisors in many films and television productions over his fifty year acting career. He played mean prison guards in Cool Hand Luke and The Longest Yard. In one of his most memorable roles he made fun of his usual overbearing characters when he played Uncle Victor in Harold and Maude. His other Western credits included Dundee and the Culhane, The Big Valley, The Stalking Moon, The Cheyenne Social Club, Lawman, Alias Smith and Jones, The Cowboys, Jeremiah Johnson, The Young Pioneers, How the West Was Won,  Little House on the Prairie, and Guns of Paradise.


Romero, Ned
1926 - 2017


A Quiet Day in Tucson
        Carlos Mendoza

The Terrorist

For What We Are About to Receive
        Carlos Mendoza

Ned Romero was a favorite on The High Chaparral where he played the likable recurring role as Perlita's boyfriend who was usually being outwitted by Manolito in their romantic pursuits of the same sweetheart. Born in Louisiana, Ned Romero began as an opera singer with a powerful baritone voice. He held a Master's Degree in music and was fluent in at least three languages. In a career that spanned over 40 years he appeared in nearly 100 productions including a starring role as Chief Joseph in I Will Fight No More Forever. He appeared in both the original Star Trek series and in Star Trek: The Next Generation. His other Western credits included:  Shane, Rango, Laredo, Winchester 73, Custer, Bonanza, Hang 'Em High, The Virginian, Mark of the Gun, Lancer, Death Valley Days, The Quest, Last of the Mohicans, The Deerslayer, and The Magnificent Seven.




Harry Dean Stanton
1926 - 9/2017


Gold is Where You Leave It
        Johnny Faro


Harry Dean Stanton was a prolific character actor, appearing in  major films such as Alien, The Green Mile, Paris, Texas, The Godfather Part II, Cool Hand Luke, and Kelly's Heroes. He served in the Navy during WWII and was in the Battle of Okinawa. He appeared in over 100 films and 50 television episodes that spanned over 60 years. His  Western credits include Tomahawk Trail, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin, Bat Masterson, The Texan, The Rifleman, The Man from Blackhawk, Johnny Ringo, Gunslinger, Zane Grey Theater, Have Gun - Will Travel, How the West was Won, Laramie, Bonanza, Rawhide, A Man Called Shenandoah, The Big Valley, Ride in the Whirlwind, The Dangerous Days of Kiowa Jones, The Wild, Wild West, The Guns of Will Sonnett, Cimarron Strip, Gunsmoke, Daniel Boone,  Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, The Missouri Breaks, and Dead Man's Walk.

See More Tributes Here . . .

Note:  There are certainly other HC Guest Stars whose passing is not widely known and therefore has not been posted on IMDB.  If you know of any whose passing has not been noted on their guest star page, please let me know so that I can rectify it.  Thanks, Charlotte


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