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El Lobo in "The Glory Soldiers"

Mano and Buck

Sandy, Mercy, and Ellie

2.47  The Glory Soldiers           Mano, Buck, El Lobo
Manolito leaves the routine of the Cannon Ranch searching excitement and becomes involved with three uniformed musicians.
Written by Warren Douglas        Directed by Harry Harris

Story Line: Mano contemplated joining El Lobo, his old bandit friend, until he learns El Lobo has robbed Capt. Ellie Strong and her two followers. He steals money from the bandit to finance Capt. Strong's trip to Tombstone to escape El Lobo and the Mexican authorities, who seek Manolito's capture for petty crimes. Buck takes an interest in Capt. Strong and joins the group. The success of the trip appears questionable when El Lobo, Apaches and Mexican authorities appear.

Guest Stars:

Anthony Caruso
as El Lobo

Elizabeth Allen
as Ellie Strong

Sean McClory
as Sandy


Heidi Vaughn
as Mercy

Jorge Moreno
as Ramon, the Mexican bartender

John Quade
as the Tucson bartender

Lenore Stevens
as Teresa

The role of Carla has been cut in recent broadcasts of this episode so she no longer appears.

Beatriz Monteil
as Carla

The role of Francisco has been cut in recent broadcasts of this episode so he no longer appears.

Martin Garralaga
as Francisco

Character Highlights: Another excellent episode with Caruso in his third and final appearance as El Lobo. He has many of the best lines.  His interactions with Mano are excellent parrying. "I see the one who does not kiss pigs has no feelings where dogs are concerned", says El Lobo referring to a bar girl who is kissing Mano. This is a "Mano, behaving badly" episode where he storms off to find his freedom. Has some excellent scenes between Mano and Don Sebastian, although recent airings have edited much of them away along with all of Martin Garralaga's appearance and some of the interactions between Mano and Mercy.   Includes a reference to Buck being with the 5th Virginia. Ends up being a Buck-in-charge episode when Buck gently and no-so-gently guides Mano back on track.  Blue has a very minor role here but is seen actually playing the guitar and seems to be quite good at it. 


Complete Episode Synopsis
Something snaps inside Manolito when he witnesses a herd of wild horses racing across the desert, a magnificent stallion at the lead. He sees in the stallion the one thing that he wants in life that he can't seem to find: freedom. In a fit of temper, he storms back to the Chaparral ranch determined to pursue that freedom that he wants so badly, arguing loudly with every Cannon he meets on the way. A few supplies thrown in his bag, and he is off.

Mano sets off to escape the bonds of responsibility at Chaparral.

El Lobo discovers Mano has him covered
from under the table.

While stopping in Nogales to sample the libations and ladies, his old friend/enemy El Lobo finds him, set on exacting some revenge from the last time the two had met. As always, they meet like long-lost buddies, but Manolito quickly discovers that Lobo's visit is not a friendly one. Unfortunately for Lobo, Manolito keeps a gun trained on him from beneath the table they share, and he is forced to give up his ideas of vengeance. He invites Manolito to ride with him against the rurales to rob them of the tax money that they had recently collected, and Mano promises to meet him.

Mercy and Ellie

Other visitors in town soon present themselves noisily, a band of Salvation Army-like missionaries bound for Tombstone. Their ill-practiced music wakes Manolito and he empties his pockets in hopes of giving them enough to leave him and the town in peace.


Now in need of more funds, Manolito heads to his father's rancho. Don Sebastian, however, lectures his son on his dissolute ways. He tells him that "the decent girls of Sonora, at the mention of your name, are frightened." He urges Mano to come back to live with him and walk the straight and narrow, but his son rejects the offer out of hand, and presents his own need. Don Sebastian refuses him money and tells him to "go to the devil." Mano wishes his father "vaya con Dios" and heads back to Nogales.

Don Sebastian regales Mano for his irresponsibility.

Mano practices a slight of hand to relieve Lobo of his ill-gotten gains.

Lobo finds Manolito there and again has cause to be angry with him, for Mano did not meet him at the appointed place. Lobo flashes a wad of money that was stolen by the rurales, which Mano skillfully divests him of shortly. The rurales swarm into town looking for Lobo, who has discovered that Manolito has robbed him. They all scatter with the rurales in pursuit. Manolito, also wanted by the authorities, seeks shelter from the missionaries, who are more than happy to help their onetime benefactor. He then proceeds to Tucson, leaving the missionaries still in need of a guide to Tombstone.
Buck, in the meantime, is commissioned to find Mano and bring him back to the Cannon ranch, and he also proceeds to Tucson. The missionaries, convinced that Manolito will ultimately bring them to their destination, follow to Tucson, and soon the beleaguered Mano hears their horns blaring. After coming to their rescue yet again and being praised for his goodness, he announces in frustration to the locals in the saloon, "I am not a good man. I am a very bad man!"

Victoria hears from her father of Mano's problems and enlists Buck to rescue him.

Mercy ministers to Mano's needs.

Buck finally finds the missionaries and Manolito in a room upstairs and offers to assist them in getting to Tombstone, but Mano decides to have none of it.  He heads off on his own way until Buck has to persuade him "one way or other" to join them on the way to Tucson. Mano awakens with a headache, being ministered to by Mercy in the back of the wagon. 

Apaches threaten the small party, but they play their gospel music until the Indians ride away in bewilderment.  When El Lobo's gang threatens them next, the Apaches reappear, Lobo's gang scatters, and Tombstone is at last reached. When the group is disheartened with the state of mission headquarters, Buck preaches to Sister Ellie her own admonitions, and after he offers them the money Mano has taken from El Lobo, they regain their optimism. They launch into one last hymn while Buck and Mano happily take up one more collection for the cause. 

Buck points out the Apaches
approaching behind El Lobo.

(Synopsis by Lisa McKenzie)


Much of this material, including the Story Line descriptions, comes from The High Chaparral Press Kit released in 1971. The Character Highlights were written by Charlotte Lehan.  The Episode Synopses were written by members of the HC Discussion Group and are attributed at the end of each one.
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