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               SEASON NOTES:  During Season Two all the characters are well established and the series is in full swing.  The only character who has left after the first season is Ira Bean, one of the bunk house boys.  Episodes cover the full range, from humorous to romantic to tragic, although the second season probably has more light-hearted episodes than other years.  By the end of the second season Arizona is already more settled than during the first season, and Indian battles are less frequent as the Cannons gradually work out a more peaceful - though often fragile and tense - co-existence with the Apaches. 

Episodes are listed here in the order most likely to offer the best series continuity when viewed in order.  It is based on  production dates except where the story line clearly indicates a different order.  For a comparison of actual production order and air dates see the Production Order page. The first number indicates the season, the second indicates the episode number (1-98). Some sources refer to 96 episodes, but the two double episodes are treated individually here which brings the total one-hour episodes to 98.  The Character Guide pages show which characters played prominent roles in each episode.


Original Air Date

2.29 The Promised Land 25 Oct 68
2.30 For What We Are About to Receive 29 Nov 68
2.31 The Deceivers 15 Nov 68
2.32 Sea of Enemies 3 Jan 69
2.33 The Stallion 20 Sep 68
2.34 The Covey 18 Oct 68
2.35 Ten Little Indians 27 Sep 68
2.36 The Buffalo Soldiers 22 Nov 68
2.37 Ebenezer 01 Nov 68
2.38 Tornado Francis 11 Oct 68
2.39 Follow Your Heart 04 Oct 68
2.40 Shadow of the Wind 10 Jan 69
2.41 North to Tucson 08 Nov 68
2.42 A Way of Justice 13 Dec 68
2.43 No Irish Need Apply 17 Jan 69
2.44 The Last Hundred Miles 24 Jan 69
2.45 Our Lady of Guadalupe 20 Dec 68
2.46 Surtee 28 Feb 69
2.47 The Glory Soldiers 31 Jan 69
2.48 Stinky Flanagan 21 Feb 69
2.49  Feather of an Eagle 07 Feb 69
2.50 Once on a Day in Spring 14 Feb 69
2.51 The Lion Sleeps 28 Mar 69
2.52 A Fella Named Kilroy 07 Mar 69
2.53 No Bugles, No Drums 14 Mar 69
2.54 For the Love of Carlos 04 Apr 69

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