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               SEASON NOTES:  Season Three involves some substantive changes.  A serious effort is made to portray Blue as more mature, changing his hair and clothes to appear darker and older.  This less juvenile Blue is appropriate given his age, but it means he comes across as a darker, more brooding, independent character and we miss the very protective relationship between Buck and Blue that we had in the first two seasons. Intended episode order is difficult to determine in the third season with the addition of the plot line involving Buck and Mano's partnership in their own ranch, the C-Bar-M.  This thread begins with The Brothers Cannon and A Piece of Land, but is a part of the story in Friends and Partners, Lady Fair, and Trail to Nevermore, and mentioned in The Little Thieves and perhaps others as well.  Neither the air dates nor the production dates recognize this thread, so some liberties have been taken to put the story in chronological order.  In Season Three Vaquero and Reno are no longer part of the series.  Sam is absent for more than half of the third season and Joe takes a stronger role as interim foreman.  Victoria discovers tweezers and back-combing. The end of Season Three and much of Season Four see increasingly higher altitudes for Victoria's hair styles. 

Episodes are listed here in the order most likely to offer the best series continuity when viewed in order.  It is based on production dates except where the story line clearly indicates a different order.  For a comparison of actual production order and air dates see the Production Order page. The first number indicates the season, the second indicates the episode number (1-98). Some sources refer to 96 episodes, but the two double episodes are treated individually here which brings the total one-hour episodes to 98.  The Character Guide pages show which characters played prominent roles in each episode.


Original Air Date

3.55  Time of Your Life 19 Sep 69
3.56  Apache Trust 7 Nov 69
3.57  A Time to Laugh, A Time to Cry 26 Sep 69
3.58  Bad Day for a Bad Man 17 Oct 69
3.59  The Brothers Cannon 3 Oct 69
3.60  A Piece of Land 10 Oct 69
3.61  Auld Lang Syne 20 Apr 70
3.62  The Lost Ones 21 Nov 69
3.63  To Stand for Something More 24 Oct 69
3.64  Trail to Nevermore 31 Oct 69
3.65  Lady Fair 14 Nov 69
3.66  The Little Thieves 26 Dec 69
3.67  The Legacy 28 Nov 69
3.68  Friends and Partners 16 Jan 70
3.69  Alliance 12 Dec 69
3.70  Mi Casa, Su Casa 20 Feb 70
3.71  The Long Shadow 2 Jan 70
3.72  The Lieutenant 27 Feb 70
3.73  Jelks 23 Jan 70
3.74  Journal of Death 09 Jan 70
3.75  No Trouble at All 05 May 70
3.76  Generation 17 Apr 70
3.77  New Hostess in Town 20 Mar 70
3.78  Guns of Johnny Rondo 6  Feb 70
3.79  The Reluctant Deputy 06 Mar 70
3.80  Too Many Chiefs 27 Mar 70

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